Dare I say it, so far Klaus is having a good day today.  He is on a lot less medication than before, and he has opened his eyes a few times.  I’m only sitting a few feet away from him, so whenever he does that I throw down the laptop and run over to try to force my head into his field of vision.  I think I was able to accomplish this once after much upper body gymnastics.

If you recall, I mentioned that Bogart has started waiting for Klaus and I to come home by poking his head through the front curtains.  Now with accompanying video goodness:

The first thing I thought when I saw Bogart doing this today (in the middle of a rain storm of course), was that it looked like muppets were protecting my house.  Almost like the way those portable puppet shows are.  First the head looking in your general direction, then the shaking of the ears, then looking again, and more shake and shimmy, then eyes fixed on his target as though the hand up his butt has suddenly stopped moving.  And… then we’re off.



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6 thoughts on “House of Muppets”

  1. Oh, Lulu, we are soooooo excited that Klaus has opened his eyes! This proves that the power of the paw is working! Perhaps a few more visits from Bogart are in order! Hang in there and know that we all love all of you!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches and Lana

  2. Bogie is much to dinified to look like a Muppet. But we know that he is waiting for you and his dad, and are much cheered by the news that Klaus had his eyes open today.

    gussie and muzzer

  3. Bogie, that is mighty good news about your Dad! We are soooo happy to hear it! Sending in a bit of sunshine to reinforce this little but very important victory. Step by step. Lots of love and a big clumsy hug to all 3 of yous. 😛

  4. WHooOOOoooo to you too bogart <—- from ms.Blue. you look mighty cute cast as a muppet… but we know you’re more then that. we are very happy to hear klaus is doing well w/less meds… opening eyes is a good thing then he’ll be able to see his lulu and bogart and all the balloons…and the nurses… 😈 .
    the irish blue zen is cranked on HIGH!!!
    theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue too

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