For the ICU Nurses Soul:

This lovely arrangement (complete with mylar balloons) just arrived in the ICU – the head nurse brought it to our room reminding us that there are no flowers allowed in the ICU.  I nodded, but I had already seen the envelope as she handed the flowers to me.

Never to fear, this was for the ICU nurses!!!  The people who brighten my day, every day and every night, who take amazing care of my husband – who allow Bogart to pretend he’s a therapy dog – and of me as well, camped out on the chair next to him.

The card says:  To all the nurses in the ICU.  Thank you for being so kind to our friend Brodie (ha! – I fixed that to say Bogie) letting him visit his dad.  From Putter, Maggie & Mitch

I put all of the balloons together, so that the Gooberstan ones could hang with the Maggie & Mitch and Putter ones.  They do look awfully darned cute together, and there is no way Klaus would not be able to see them.

Maggie, Mitch, Putter… you should have seen the faces of the nurses when I told them that they had just received flowers from 3 Airedales.  No one believed me at first!  The flowers are now in the nurses’ break room, so that everyone can enjoy them – and they’re gorgeous!!!

That was an incredibly sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do.  I too have been thinking of how can I possibly thank all of the incredible nurses that have kept my husband alive, and kept my husband comfortable.  Especially on a Monday – a day that most of us aren’t that fond of – to see a pretty arrangement in their break room has gotta make ’em smile.  Normally I would throw in something about getting better service by kissing a little butt – but there really isn’t any better to get.  Sweet Maggie, Handsome Mitch, and Gorgeous Putter, you simply have to give a big aire kiss to your mama’s for me.  While I am sure this was your idea, I know that without opposable thumbs you could not have ordered the flowers yourself (maybe over the phone… to another Airedale who answered… and translated the Airedale into English… ok now it’s getting silly).




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11 thoughts on “A Little Chicken Soup”

  1. Fantastic!!!
    Huwwah fow Maggie Mitch and Puttew!!!
    Aiwegenewosity and love weigns!
    We awe all gwateful to those wondewful nuwsis..tekl them that Wiwy foxy kids love them and awe gwateful too! they have no idea how many of us think of them when we awe pwaying fow youw Daddi , Bogie.
    ALl my love and smoochie kisses and hugs fwom Mommi and Daddi

  2. Cool!!! We do, too, Thank all the nurses for being out there for Klaus, Lulu and Bogie. They are in a way your earthly angels.
    Andy The Airedale Angel and his mama and papa

  3. Maggie, Mitch, Putter and all their moms are so thoughtful! This is a wonderful idea and lovely gesture.. I am sure the nurses were pleasantly surprised!
    Our mom is now reading a book called ‘An Angel on My Shoulder’… this book is a compilation of stories from different people about their experiences with their guardian angels and how the angels helped them in their time of need. Mom bought this book because for a long time, she lost faith in her guardian angel cos she felt that her guardian angel wasn’t there for her when she needed him/ she most, but this book has gruadually restored her faith bit by bit.
    Hopefully if you look carefully enough for the signs, you’d see that Klaus’ guardian angel is right there beside him, making sure he that he will be ok. (Mom said she’s sent her guardian angel over to Klaus as well!)

  4. Aww, how sweet of Maggie, Mitch and Putter. I am sure that the nurses really enjoy the flowers and the balloons are great. I am glad to read that Klaus is doing a bit better. My prayers for Klaus’ recovery continue.

  5. We Ballicai are purrin and purrin as hard as we can fur Klaus! And please give those wunnerful ICU nurses lots of head rubbies from us!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

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