Yes, I’d like to fly… far away from all the sadness.  My pals, the reigning rulers of the Republic of Gooberstan, obviously knew this and wanted to help.

Today I took my evening break a little early.  The weather was so nice, and Klaus was in good hands.  Bogart and I had a lovely walkie in the forest – which gives me time both to process all that is going on as well as have the perfect conversation partner, Bogart, to talk with/at.  When I returned to the hospital, I went right over to Klaus to tell him all about our walkie.  I turned around to put my bag down on the chair, and saw this:

They are AWESOME.  I was grinning from ear to ear.  All of the nurses were asking who the balloons were from, at first jokingly saying that they must be from a dog.  That’s exactly right!  I am so proud that Bogart is a card-carrying citizen of Gooberstan (code name:  Bogartoober), where all the dogs are good-looking, and the humans are above average.  (must. change. radio. station)

I brought them over to show to Klaus.  I know he would be tickled to be receiving balloons from dogs.

There is another thing that all of the nurses have been coming in to see – I brought in some photos of Klaus and I for him to look at and feel good – they are displayed on a wall.  I know that Bogart sometimes thinks since we’re his mama and dad we must be uncool or embarrassing, but hey, we were cool once:

Yes, I am wearing a vintage showgirl’s costume and headpiece.  Yes, Klaus had amusing facial hair back then.  Yes, we got married in Las Vegas by Elvis.  White. Jumpsuited. Elvis. (oh yeah).

We had to promise to always be each others’ hound dog, and to never leave each others’ blue suede shoes out in the rain.  I can proudly say that we have both lived up to those promises.

The day seems brighter already.  Many thanks Stanley and Stella, for making me laugh out loud when I thought I couldn’t.



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23 thoughts on “My Beautiful Ballooooooooooooon”

  1. Dear Miss Lulu…
    See…that is why Stanny is the bestest boyfriend in the whole blogworld!!! He is so thoughtful…and handsome…and…oh swoon!!! I’m crossing my paws and sending lots of BT kisses to Mr. Klaus and to Bogie too!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. SO glad that Stanny made you smile – what a wonderful surprise to receive.

    You are in our hearts – now and always.

    Hang in there – we are all right there with you.


    Brooke, Greg, Opy & Charlie

  3. Lulu, Thank You for sharing your wedding photos! Brings you both a bit closer to our hearts. You soooo deserve to be happy! Dear Klaus, please fight, please fight, please fight and come back!

    All the healing thoughts in the Universe to Klaus, and love to the Awesome Three of You,
    Andy’s mama and papa, and Andy The Airedale Angel

  4. We’re jumping between laughter and tears–Stanley and Stella are awesome friends, and the pictures are incredible! Buster’s howling, and Bailey’s still muttering incantations in some obscure lupine dialect for Klaus’s recovery.

    Bogart: Make sure Lulu gets some sleep and lots of kisses.


    Persephone, Buster & Bailey

  5. I am so glad that Bogart was able to visit Klaus. That must have made both of them very happy. The balloons are awesome and I love your wedding pictures. I am praying very hard for Klaus’ recovery.

  6. Yay for the Goobers! We’re glad they gave you a smile when you need it most! We love your wedding pictures and we’re sure Klaus feels comforted just having them in the room! Don’t forget to take care of YOURSELF too! We’re glad you took the time for a walk with Bogie and we know Klaus would approve!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  7. Its so sweet of Stanley and Stella to send you such beautiful balloons. I am glad that it help to brighten up your day a little.

    We are still praying for Klaus. Hope that he will get well soon.


  8. We pray for Kraus’ recovery from Tokyo.
    Now your blog is a international!
    We look it every day.
    He gets better soon we hope with our Airedale(Ralph).

  9. MrandMrsBogartsMomanDad – you two look like a really really fun couple and parents that would make Bogart proud – even if he would not admit it. ‘acause parents are just ‘posed to be uncool no matter how cool they really are.

    We are holding all of you in our hearts too and praying very hard for DadKlaus’ recovery

  10. Why Ms. LULU….that costume just made theBUSTER blush! we love the wedding pictures <—vegas is such a fun and strange place you just have to have fun when you think of it….
    Please tell Mr. Klaus that the blue dogs in connecticut are all are keeping our paws crossed that he can feel better soon and be able to hug you and Bogart THD… i know all the DWB are sending you much doggie zen (it worked for Ms.Blue..!!) just think of all of bogarts buddies sitting there with our paws on your knee–all at once! Man now that’s a picture (and a lot of dog breath!!). Bogart take good care of your LULU and Klaus….after all you are theBOGART, dog about town…
    Special irish-blue-dog love to you all — theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue too!

  11. the balloons are quite a pick-me-up…just what’s needed. all the dogs and kitties and hammies and other pets out there (and their owners for that matter) sure know how to share and express TLC!

    thank you for sharing the personal things too. You and Klaus have a wonderful story, getting married in vegas is totally awesome. You guys are so cool and chic…memories of a lifetime.

    sending strength and prayers for healing. hoping for a miracle.

  12. We love the wedding pictures. Mom and Dogdad were in Vegas (on Dad’s company’s annual meeting) just a few weeks after they got married in December 2000 and had thought about staging some photos in front of the White Chapel to befuddle their friends and family. We wish they had!! This was before us, so we weren’t there to advise them.

    Wirey kisses to you all. The wire zen is still flowing from South Florida across the continent to you!!!

    Jake and Just Harry and Mom

  13. Lulu, sending positive thoughts and vibrations to you and Klaus. Thanks for sharing the photos, what a hoot. Please know I am available if you need some help with a task or transportation, anything… Phil b.

  14. AAAAWWWWWWWW that is so sweet! Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of youth! STAY positive! We talked to God while out in the Southern Sunshine several times today.
    Much Love, Gia & Taz, Kitty & Catt

  15. w00f’s, Me iz just checkin in…thats sooo nice of Stanley and Stella…what a treat fur u to come back and see all of those baloons..what an exciting wedding u 2 had…Memorys are a wonderful thing, hold them near ur heart…

    b safe,

  16. Oh how awesome are your wedding photos!
    Our mama is sooooooooo jealous, cause she wanted to get married in Las Vegas by Elvis too, but it never happened that way.
    Your photos put a huge smile on her face that’s for sure.
    Glad you got to have a long walk with your mama Bogie. Look after her!

    And Stella and Stanley – you guys ROCK!

    We’re thinking of you all.

    Miss Ellie & Bazzy & Jo 🙂

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