(thank you Miss Asta!!!)
I am absolutely floored at the amount of love that we have received during the scariest day of my life… sitting here in the ICU, seeing the love of my life so very sick, breaks my heart into tiny little pieces that turn around and stab me again and again. I stroke his hair, squeeze his hands, and even was able to give him a kiss on the lips today and then I collapse into my chair by his bedside. I cry a little and reach for my laptop, and every single time I log on my mailbox is flooded with well-wishes from animals around the world. It makes me chuckle a bit because while we have never met in person, through reading and writing our blogs I feel like I know every single one of you, that we are real friends, the kind that are there for you not just in good times, but in bad.

Words simply cannot express my gratitude for all of you at this very scary, very difficult time. Thank you for your wishes, and thank you for the beautiful, fun, and poignant distractions that reading you comments is to me. I want to be there every moment for my husband, and I want him to know how special he is. You all know him as Bogart’s dad, to me he is just Klaus. He cannot respond to me directly, but I read him every single comment – and I just know deep down inside he hears and understands.



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83 thoughts on “I Cannot Thank You All Enough”

  1. I just had to drop by and wish DadKlaus well wishes. I hope he get better really soon and is home with mom and Bogart!!! I am sending you some extra special purrayers and headbutts.

  2. Please hang in there, my 87 yo dad bounced from 5 different hospitals for about 3 months with the deadly C Dif infection. We spent countless hours crying and wailing, but he came through!!! I just know Bogart’s Daddy will too!! Just pray and cry, and repeat. We all love your entire family and hang tough!!!!!!!!
    Gia Taz Kitty, & Cat M

  3. Bogie,
    first things first – we are dropping by first thing in the morning to see how your Dad is doing and also to send you all a little bit more, heck – ALL OF IT! – our love and QiGong The Healing Energy, to your papa Klaus, to your sweet mama Lulu, to your kitties and to you, our dear fuzzy little friend Bogie.
    Lulu, please take care of yourself, so you can take care of your precious boys, and then the time will come that you all will be together and happy again, like in ol’ good times.
    A big hug and lots of healing thoughts to you all and especially to papa Klaus, Andy The Airedale Angel and his mama and papa

  4. we are continuing to send lots and lots of healing vibes, the power of the Bs and poodle power to Bogart’s daddy to make him well and have him come home again. paw power is very strong. it has worked for us several times. we are doing our best to make it work for you. you have our love and support to make it through this.

    lots of butt sniffs for Bogart and paw hugs for mom.


  5. We also want to add our purrs and prayers to help Bogart’s dad get better. We are so sorry to hear he is so ill. Including mom, there are four of us here pulling for your dad!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono & mom

  6. I just saw your page from a link on Facebook. I’m so sorry to hear about Bogie’s dad. My fox terriers and I will saw a prayer for him. Hope he’s back in your paws soon!

    The Asta dog crew

  7. Lulu…
    We are praying for you everyday. I can’t even imagine what you are going through right now, but know you are not alone.

    We send you lots of love and licks…

    Michele & Ruby

  8. Please get well right away Klaus. We need you! I am sending my thoughts upstairs to ask and hope and pray that you recover right away so that you can be with Lulu and Bogart. Love — steve g.

  9. Hi Lulu,

    My goodness, you must be so terrified and exhausted. Please, please, please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, sweetie. I am thinking of you and Klaus and Bogart and the whole family! I’m sending you lots of hopeful thoughts.

    Take care of yourself and your boys – and I will talk to you very soon!

  10. Just the other day when we visited, we read about the wonderful, sunny walk in downtown Portland. All was well.

    Suddenly, this illness! We are sending from Seattle the strongest Airedalean good wishes that we can for a full recovery.

    Sherry & Alanis

  11. Hey Bogart,
    Just wondering how your Papa is today. Any new update? We’re all still praying for him & thinkin’ bout you guys.
    Luv & wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Mama

  12. I just heard about your husband, Lulu. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if you need anything at all…food, comfort, hugs, peach iced tea in a Panera cup, etc. Much love from your friends on the 2nd floor. -Katie

  13. Bogart

    We have been thinking about you and your Mama again all day. We have everything crossed that he comes out of this very soon.

    We send big licks to your Mum and Dad and I am sure the cuddles you give your Mum help her enormously.

    Take care

    Molly and Taffy

  14. Oh Sweetheart. Thinking about you and hoping you will let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


  15. We heard about your daddy Bogart from Brooke and Jo in Australia – we are so very sorry and hope he gets better so he can give you those pats and hugs again. Our mummy was in ICU last October when our brother was born so we know a little of how you feel. We are thinking of you all – please take care,

    from your fellow Airedale friends,
    Molly, Gertrude (and Kate)

  16. We never visited you before but we saw on the Cat Blogosphere that you were in trouble.

    We just want to add our purrs and good wishes to you that Klaus begins to recover soon.

    Fat Eric and his mum, Kate, in London.

  17. Klaus,Lulu and Bogart,

    We love you very much and are so sad by this tragic event…we cannot believe this is happening. Our love is with you. It is so cool to see so many people sending so much love. It really shows how amazing the world really is:)

    Remember we are with you

    From the “Angels” in mexico…

  18. Lulu–I’m sending you, Klaus and the kids all my prayers and positive thoughts for a speedy recovery! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, anything. Sending my love, Michaela

  19. Klaus, Lulu and Bogart, my thoughts and prayers and those of the entire school are with you guys. Stay strong and fight! And in the meantime we’ll all be praying for you.

  20. Lulu, Klaus, and Bogart:

    It breaks my heart to hear what you are going through. Nice, fun, wonderful, inspiring, and loving doesn’t begin to describe you. I am personally pooling all my best thoughts, wishes, prayers, and healthy vibes and am sending them as fast as I can. We miss you here in the southland Lulu and still consider you a huge part of the family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
    Much love and hugs,

  21. Lulu I’m so sorry your husband is ill. I have not met Klaus but he seems like a very good person. My thoughts are with you and Klaus and I’m hopeful he will make a full recovery.

  22. dear bogart,
    i don’t think we have already “met”, but i heard about your dad’s condition from my other doggy friends online. i can only imagine what you might be feeling right now, you are in our thoughts and prayers. we are crossing our paws ( all 7 of us) and our hoomans are praying too that your dad will alright and you will see him sooner than you could hope for.

    trudis, moy, jappy, scarlet, bambi, woody and our cat pussy
    the animal doctor and the secretary

  23. We’re thinking about all of you folks! Just got the news. Much love and good, healthy wishes. Tell Klaus he needs to get well – he’s got a Funny Hat Day to celebrate with Lee. 😉 If you need anything (and we mean ANYTHING), please just give us a holler, honey.

  24. Soft barks from Pippin’s flock (some purrs too). There’s lots of love out here for you Bogart, Klaus and Lulu.


  25. Dearest Bogart and family. I know how worried you are about your dearest daddy right now. Angst is what I call it….but please have hope in the prayers from all those who do not really know, you but pray for you. Hope gets us through these worrisome times. Please know how much we care….
    Love Miss Peach

  26. We are thinking that your kiss was the sweetest thing and that Bogart’s dad KNOWS that he is loved … keep giving him all the energy you have to share but don’t forget to take care of yourself too …

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