Do you guys know about Laddie Boy?  The very first White House celebrity dog?  He belonged to President Harding, and he was quite a dog – I’ll even bet that if there was an internet back then, he would have probably been the first dog blogger.  The Smithsonian has a fantastic article all about Laddie Boy:

You can read the entire Smithsonian article (with AWESOME pictures) HERE

Goooooooooooooooooooooooo Airedales!



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2 thoughts on “Laddie Boy”

  1. Ever notice that White House dogs have gotten progressively SHORTER? We start with an airedale and end up with Barney! Maybe Mr. Obama will get a Scottish Deerhound…

    Now we read somewhere that Dolly Madison in fact introduced the very first “First Dog” to the Whitehouse–and his name was “Satan.” Sounds like a terrier for sure.


    Buster & Sephie

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