Saturday, January 24th is CHANGE A PET’S LIFE DAY

On this Saturday, Kyra Sedgwick & her adopted dog Paulie will be teaming up with Hill’s Science Diet Shelter Nutrition Partnership for Change A Pet’s Life Day.

This is a national free adoption drive

*  The free adoptions are limited to the first 10 adoptors at each participating shelter *

Do you have room in your hearts & homes to adopt a homeless pet for the rest of it’s life??? Do you have room in your lifestyle to devote QUALITY time to a homeless pet??? If so, please visit this site for participating shelters in your area…

Before adopting any pet, be sure to discuss this issue with the entire family. Here are some questions to ask yourselves before adopting a pet:

Is your family ready to adopt a pet?

If you already have pets, do you have room for another pet?

What type of pet is best for your family?

What type of pet will get along with your other pet or pets?

Are you willing to spend time training your pet?

Can you afford yearly health care maintenance for a pet?

Is your home & yard set up to keep a pet safe?

There are many more questions to think about. Seek advice if needed from your local shelters, veterinarians, pet trainers, etc. Please be informed about pets before adopting so that you can make the right choice for a homeless pet & for your family.

Please help transform the lives of shelter cats, dogs & other pets by giving them a second chance for love & a happy healthy life.

If you aren’t able to adopt a pet, you can still make a difference in the lives of shelter pets by visiting and entering the Three Bag Challenge Sweepstakes for a chance to win a five thousand dollar donation to the shelter of your choice.

Please help save a life.



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