Occasionally I think that my mama and dad are a little, well, crazy.  Sometimes I cannot understand the things they do.  I’ve always chalked that up to being just a well-that’s-another-species kind of thing, and I sometimes get a nice chuckle at their expense.  But tonight they did something SO spectacular and semi-crazy, that I can say that I am not embarrassed by them, but PROUD:

Yes, that is mama standing in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.  Parked in downtown Portland.  If only I had been in the car I too would have been posing in front of the giant, mobile sausage.  Apparently they cut across two lanes of evening rush hour traffic to snag a prime parking spot so that they could then run back several blocks just to pose with the meatmobile.

Dad also could not resist getting in on the meat-y action:

You know how we kids always think that our parents are SOOOOO uncool?  Well WE ARE WRONG 🙂



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