Last night the power went out in our house – in our whole neighborhood actually – which was a little scary.  It was SUPER windy, which must have disconnected something somewhere.  Mama dad and I took a walk around our neighborhood to see if the whole thing was dark and it was… but the sky was gorgeous and you could see Venus and a whole bunch of stars really clearly.  Or so she told me, I was just happy for a late-night walkie…

This morning the power was back on – whew! – but our street looked like this:

Stuff everywhere, lots of broken trees.  But no matter, we had a job to do.  Neither rain, nor snow, nor streets full of crap will stop me in my appointed rounds – to feed our about-to-be-thrown-out stuff to our goat buddies!

And yes, they LOVE it.  Every single time.  It never gets old to them (even tho it’s old to us).

Today in addition to the usual carrots, onions, and potatoes, we cleared out the pantry a bit.  Some cereal that had gone a bit stale, and then the piece de resistance… NACHO CHIPS

The goats went WACKO for the nachos… I understand.

They were ready to jump over the fence to get more of those yumm-o chip-os.

Even the black and white one – who is normally really shy – got into the action.


Then the large horse came over for some.  She got the lions share of the carrots.


No need to waste any of those bad boys… those goats had no problem sticking their entire heads inside the bag just to be sure that nothing was wasted.

Ah my friends, I SALUTE YOU

On the way home I found this sweet basketball – and it’s not even deflated!

I’m taking this baby home to shoot some hoops in my backyard 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Nachos?”

  1. So, Bogart, do you think your friend Mr Horse will enter next year’s Beardy- Beard Contest, eh? Of course, he is by no means a competition to your gorgeous furnishings he-he … And also, isn’t it cool when it rains with basketballs, particularly not deflated ones? Weird and wonderful place to live!
    Andy’s Loving Spirit

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