Talk about getting in just under the wire…

For a few months now, my buddy Stanley has been at the helm of a beard-growing contest – we all had a check-in, and now it’s time for all of that growth to pay off.

While I am a HUGE fan of Stanley (and of course the Stellanator), I really do not enjoy the measuring process.

I didn’t make it particularly simple for mama to do.

GIMME THAT – missing opposable thumbs be damned!!!

I fully realize that the photos aren’t super clear – but I’m also not claiming to have grown a helluva lot of beard.  My furnishings just never have been that full and fluffy – or copious.

It might be a tiny bit longer, but I’m only gonna claim 3 LOUSY INCHES – that might even be less than when I started!!!

Centimeters… Inches… it’s all Greek to me…



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3 thoughts on “Beard Contest… Last Minute!”

  1. Bogart, you are still THE WINNER!!! On all counts. And you do look so much like me when I myself was a handsome earthly devil 😎
    AndyFernan, Airedale Angel

  2. Bogart–ye look like a right proper wooly mammoth there! We reckon you’ve won the International “Fuzziness” competition hands-down, and your beard looks pretty awesome to us!

    We Kerry Blues grow especially long beards because of a small mutation on chromosome 29 that converts brain cells to beard growth. Which is why we love re-runs of Gilligan’s Island and would vote for Sarah Palin if mom would let us.

    You’re always the champion in our opinion!


    Persephone, Buster & Bailey

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