Doesn’t dad look COLD?  Really, sometimes I just don’t understand the humans.  I’m quite toasty and ready to explore, yet dad just wants to sit, drink a beer, and have a little snack.  We picked up mama from work and on the way home got a little sidetracked…

This is Zach’s Shack on Hawthorne, and they have damned tasty hot dogs.  Seeing as how the humans would like to be warm (hot will also do), and I’m a dog, well it seemed like a natural place to stop.

First I tried to get a little bit of that sweet crunchy snausage from dad’s plate, but no go.  Luckily mama is a much easier target…

Looks yummo, right?  Alas, mama is a vegetarian and her dog is also meatless.  Looks good, smells good, yet the taste just isn’t quite right to me…

Come on dad, throw a dog a dog!

Yes, all it takes is a cute face like this one and a bite of hot-dog-goodness is to be mine.   How to Score Yummy Bites of Food From Your Humans 101 🙂

My work here is done.



Chez Bogart

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