Mama and I decided to do something a little different this year – rather than opening all of our Christmas cards as they arrived, we thought it would be fun to open them all during the opening of the presents on Christmas morning – so we could ooh and aah over all of the cool cards that our DWB buddies sent to us from all over the world.

It was hard not to open the cards as they arrived, but mama was good about keeping them all in a nice pile while we waited for the 25th.  And it was totally worth it – we thought about you all as we opened the envelopes and the emails!!!

The kitties could not control themselves, they were totally fascinated with all of the cards.

Orange tabbies in particular seem to have an unhealthy preoccupation with card destruction.  Perhaps we should try to distract them?

This is WIllie – he is the kitty that came to live with us after his mama died.  He’s doing really well and is a part of our furry family now.

Check out this cool toy that I got – he is a rubber pig!!! – and most importantly, he SQUEAKS!!! I think I’m gonna name him Bacon…

Aw, and some good stuff to chomp on.  I was originally far more interested in the package that held these wag’n wraps, and destroyed it promptly.  I do think that Bacon and I will become best friends, however.

Hehehe – the Bogie Stogie

The kitties got something special too – a packet of Feline Greenies!!!  And so, without further ado, I introduce the furry chorus:

Sekhmet, the black Siamese girlie…

Kafka, the orange shorthaired tabby boy…

Behemoth, the grey and white “spotto gato” boy…

Willie, the long haired orange tabby boy…

And Aeon, the brown tabby girl.

Merry Christmas everydog!  Hope you all got LOTS of great presents – BIG AIRE KISSES to all of you and your families!!!



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3 thoughts on “Merry Christm-aire-s!”

  1. Hi Bogart

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Did you know that we live with 5 Tabby cats. Things were pretty calm around her until I, Jagger came to stay…I love to run after them and catch them like a toy…..We wish you a happy New year to you and your humans.


    Ezzy Rider and Jagger XXXXXX

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