More SNOW!!! It seems like every day I wake up and there is more snow out there.  Apparently this is unusual for Portland, but hey, since I’ve only been here a few months – and this is my very first real snow EVER – I don’t mind.

Check out this monster paw print – was it from some wild animal?  Are the dinosaurs still roaming around?  Could it be Bigfoot?

Nope, just little old me.

Mama has a snow day today from work – so we’re off for a special midday walkie.

Can you tell what it is?

We head off down the reedway (on a non-snowy day you would be able to see Mount Hood in the background, but not today!) toward…


These guys just love the grains that are left over after my Black and Tan Brewery (uh, I mean my dad) is done with brewing beer.

There are two horses and four goats… the goats are about my size, I keep thinking that they are some sort of dog, but nooooooooo…

Check out these faces!!!

I couldn’t get a good closeup shot of the black and white goat, but the brown ones look so cool, don’t they?  They’re really friendly too.



Chez Bogart

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3 thoughts on “Here Comes the G-rain Again”

  1. Bogie
    How cool to see the howsies and Goatses..I love that guys face..I’d like one too..and how gweat to give the oatses to them..did they get dwunk???hehehe
    Youw pawpwint is pawfect..I have to wowk on mine
    you look pawfect in the snow
    smoochie kisses

  2. w00f’s Bogart, thank u fur the well wishes of being nominated fur the blog of the month..heehee me iz sooo excited, but me iz up against 2 pawsome bloggies..just to b nominated iz loved ur walk to help feed the animals, did u chase ’em??

    b safe,

  3. What a great adventure Bogart! Isn’t snow fun!? I love it – I’m always so excited for the first snow! And your new friends sure do look like fun!

    I hope you all have a really wonderful holiday!

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