WOWZA, the first batch of dad’s Vienna Lager is done brewing!

Yes, dad is as proud as any new father when his newest babies are born… the Vienna Lager will need to sit for some time before it becomes truly drinkable, but today is their birthday so it’s a special time.

A little tasting is in order…

And who better to be the designated taster than moi?

But I’m not going to drink out of that silly little glass, BRING ME A STEIN…

I got the tongue in there a little – it’s pretty darned bitter.  Looks darned good tho.

And a little bit for mama and dad to sample.  Notice the nice foamy-ness at the top that dad made.  The Black and Tan Brewery is off to the races!




Chez Bogart

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2 thoughts on “Vienna Lager”

  1. Congwatulations
    That looks like a pawfect Vienna Lagew..I love the foam..I got thiwsty looking at it!!!
    Youw pawents awe the clevewestest!
    Happy Holidays..dwink up, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

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