It’s S-N-O-W-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohmydog you guys, this is my first real snow – so even though it’s Sunday, I woke mama up at 7 AM so we could go for a brisk early-morning walkie!  I just KNOW she appreciated this, I could see it in her face (well, just her eyes because the rest of her was completely covered to protect her from the cold)…

Slippery… but COOL

Come on mama, there is no need for a short walkie because of the snow – I’M NOT COLD

The forest is really beautiful during the snow – we haven’t seen another person or dog – so we’re making the first footprints…

So now it’s time to make the ceremonial first footprint in the snow in our backyard.

Then… time to PLAY!!!

A little snow on the button…


Mama and dad didn’t know exactly what to expect during my first romp in the snow, but I’ve gotta say that I took to it like a champ.  It’s AWESOME and since it’s going to snow all day it looks like we’ll have some for awhile!!!

Love & Snowy Aire Kisses,


Chez Bogart

PS – We’ve been having SO MUCH FUN, mama just had to add some new pictures:



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4 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. You are having tooooo much fun in that snow! 😆 We are very jealous! :mrgreen: We are lucky if we just get a dusting each year…never enough to actually make a foot print! Mom says we need to go knock on some wood…whatever that means. She says we live in the south for that very reason. Our pawrents are originally from Ohio where 3 feet at a time is not unusual. 😯

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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