The brewing continues in earnest… I’m learning a lot by watching dad doing his work making beer, and one thing I’ve discovered is that there are some definite by-products of beer making.  And we’re not really fond of wasting such things if there is another great use for them.  Well, it turns out that the grains left over after brewing are really yummy – for livestock. And that got us thinking.

This past summer when we would walk down this area of the forest to pick blackberries, we met a nice guy that we chatted with.  His house had a lot of property and we noticed that not only did he have horses, but he also had goats.  I sense a Special Delivery coming on, don’t you?

So we packed up the grains (and some other root veggies left over from our last harvest in our garden) and headed over.  Maybe they will want the grains, maybe not, but hey, at least I get a nice long walkie out of it, eh?

The grains were a HIT.  Goats and horses alike went BONKERS.

Two beautiful horses were lining up to get a turn at the Scoop Away bin of grainy goodness.

I got in there too – I must admit that I’ve never been up this close to horses (not separated by a fence) and this was my first time EVER with goats.  The people also have two dogs that I haven’t been super friendly with before but I think today I was really overwhelmed by all of the animal excitement and was on my best behavior – no snapping or dominating other dogs!

The goats are Nubians, don’t they have the coolest ears?  All in all, everyone got a little time with their head buried in grains and root veggies, and it seems that we will be welcome over at their place whenever we want (and have another bucket-full, that is)…



Chez Bogart

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