Mama has been working late this week – in addition to making this difficult for her to update my blog everyday like I want her to, sometimes she misses the last bus.  That is bad.  But tonight it was good – because dad I and went to pick her up.  It’s always funny to be walking down a strange street, picking up messages, smelling the new smells, and then seeing mama!

Since she had just crossed the Hawthorne Bridge, dad and I scooped her up and we ambled over to the Hawthorne/12th Street food carts for a little snackie.  Tonight we visited the Potato Champion…

Mmmm… belgain frites = double fried goodness.  With mayo!

These are the darned tastiest fries I’ve had in a loooooong time…

I got to sit outside with them and checked out the other carts.  I kept my eyes wide open just in case someone wanted to swoop down and steal those fries from the cone… I’ll have none of that.  Whatever the humans don’t eat is MINE!!!

This is the front of the Potato Champion cart.  They pretty much serve yummy fries and that’s it, but they make lots of sauces for dipping and poutine (french fries, cheese curds, and gravy)… mmmmmmm

Viva la Potato Champion!!!



PS – Happy 2nd Birthday KNUT, you handsome polar bear!!!!

Chez Bogart

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2 thoughts on “Potato Champion”

  1. Bogart
    Those awe ouw absolute favowite type of fwies..I think if we lived close to each othew, we would do stuff togethew, hehe

    What a pawfect way to end a wowk day!
    smoochie kisses

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