Most of my weekends revolve around walking – sometimes around new neighborhoods, other times around places I’ve seen but have had a good time exploring.  Northwest Portland is one of those latter places – I’ve been here a lot of times, but every time is fun.  There are lots of cool little stores to explore, and the people are always full of Airedmiration so it’s off into the Bogcedes!

I really like to be the navigator – but since I have to sit in the back, I have to settle for being a backseat driver…

Luckily for mama and dad, I can backseat drive from either side – no need to just be behind the driver.

Ah, NW 23rd Street.  Full of cute little stores and boutiques.  And lots of dog-friendly folks!

Come on dad, I wanna see everything!!!

Thanks Kiehl’s for the water bowl… I needed a little refreshment..

What I didn’t need is that damn plaster horse again.  Dad points it out to me every single time we walk around here.  And it drives me NUTS.  I don’t know why but I just really, really, really hate it.

As you all know, when I walk I wanna chow down.  We tried to stop at Goldblatt’s delicatessen, but the line was long.  And to eat outside we’d have to order from the “to go” menu which would take forever.  Next!

Ram’s Head it is.  A brewpub with tasty chow, and after one odd false start (what is it with all of the folks around Portland lately?  No one wants to serve us if we sit outside – yes it’s been a little rainy, but it’s PORTLAND for dogs sake…)

Bogart B.A. (Before Airedmiration)

Bogart A. A. (After Airedmiration)


Are we done here yet?  I mean, how long can it take you two to eat?  I eat in 5 minutes, it always takes you two long darned long… I’m ready to roll!

(pretending to wait patiently)

Woo-hoo!  More walking.  We went in search of a dessert for dad, he had a hankering for something sweet and yummy.  We stopped at several nice places, but nothing was exactly “right”.  So mama suggested St. Honore  – she’s SO smart…

Puff pastry with fresh cream.

How about a little for the adorable chien?

See?  I can be civilized… delicately eating with a spoon… totally worth it.

On the way home, we passed another Christmas tree in the Pearl – you can see it behind the totem pole – which I pointed out to dad.  I’m very helpful that way.



Chez Bogart

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