Hey dogs – do you like a good hike?  Several hours of fun and frivolity out in nature?  Enjoying a beautiful, crisp fall day in the great outdoors with your humans?

Me too.

But some walks are more dog-friendly than others.  For example, today we decided to do the Holgate trail to the top of Powell Butte.  Maybe get a nice view of Mount Hood from the top.  Nature calls…

Now that I’ve satisfied nature’s first call, it’s time to answer the call of the wild.  Off on the trail!

The Old Holgate trail is particularly beautiful and varied – so many new things to see, smell, and pee on.

Even though it rained a few days ago, it’s pretty dry out here.  No big puddles or anything.

So many different plants that I haven’t seen before…

The view from the top is FANTASTIC – it’s tough to see in this photo, but see the pointy white thing in the center?  That’s Mount Hood, covered in snow.

Now that we’ve walked all the way up, it’s time to run all the way down!  Woo-hoo!

Ok dad, I’ll stop running.  We’ll just do a spirited trot, then shall we?  Which trail to take down – everything goes in the same general direction…

Lemme see if anyone left a message on which is the best trail to take.

Elderberry trail it is.

Even mama with her lousy sense of direction can find her way home from here – they have signs all over the place – but luckily dad has a GREAT sense of direction.  Mama always gets lost, I just like to go FORWARD no matter if I’m going in the right direction or not, but dad always saves the day and gets us where we need to go.  Thanks dad…



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Chez Bogart

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5 thoughts on “Hiking the Holgate Trail”

  1. Taz and Gia (the Yorkie and Shih Tzu) feel your pain, that is the longest 5 minutes on the planet. But look how pretty you are, and your mommy had such nice hands for petting (and shampooing) and loving! Hope the Itch goes away soon.

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