I’m walkin… Yes indeed…

And I’m talkin… About mama and me…

And I’m hopin… That you’re all watchin me

Things CHANGE when the car is out of commission.

A few weeks ago, mama sold the Bogiemobile – I KNOW! – and so we’ve been riding around in the Bogcedes.  But this week the Bogcedes decided that it’s alternator had to go to that great engine in the sky, so we’ve been doing a LOT of walking.  Very little travelling, lots of local walking.

No complaints from me – as much as I enjoy the variety, as long as I get to go out into the great outdoors, poop and sniff, I’m a happy guy.

Mama seems to get bored, so I do my best to entertain her while we’re out walking.  It’s the least I can do.



Chez Bogart

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