After years of being walked on, tossed aside, and occasionally used as a marshmallow roasting utensil, the lowly stick finally gets its day in the sun. The National Toy Hall Of Fame in New York has announced this year’s inductees, and the stick, alongside the skateboard and the baby doll, will now be taking its place amongst the most revered toys in history. Celebrated for its versatility, affordability (every kid can find a stick), and power to fuel a child’s imagination, the stick joins a similar Hall of Fame inductee, the cardboard box, as a cheap, basic toy that appeals to all children. As Christopher Bensch, the museum’s curator of collections, says about the stick: “It’s very open-ended, all-natural, the perfect price — there aren’t any rules or instructions for its use.” So hang in there, bubble wrap! Surely, your day will also come. [CNN]

Truer words have never been uttered.



Chez Bogart

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