It’s another beautiful fall Sunday here in Portland… lets take a walk up Powell Butte, shall we?

Some days it’s clear enough to easily see Mt. Hood, other days, not so much…

Let me have a look dad!

Lets head up onto Powell Butte dad!

There is always a lot of nature around here – we see bunnies, birds, snakes, I even once saw a black-tailed deer – but sometimes it’s the little things that catch my attention the most.  Check out this orange and black little guy – he was just slowly crawling across the path in his perfect Halloween-themed colors.  Maybe an inch or two long.  Mama helped him across, I was just fascinated by his outfit.

And occasionally I see a kitty or two – this one looks just like my cat sister Sekhmet

Off into the forest we go!  Notice that I already have one stick…

Which I quickly swap for a BETTER one…

When I find a HUGE one, the holy grail of sticks, basically a LOG.

I WANT THIS ONE… you say you think there is no way I can pick this one up?


Stopping to smell the flowers – well, these are Arnica so it’s not about smell…

Coming down is always the best part after we “summit” at the top of Powell Butte…

Hey dad, it’s COLD at home – I’m thinking maybe we need some firewood…

Think this will do?




Chez Bogart

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4 thoughts on “The Woodsman”

  1. Bogie
    I mevew doubted fow a moment that you could pick up that ginouwmous stick, but the last one is my favowite..did you build a fiwe?
    I love fall!
    smoochie kisses

  2. That looks like it was a great walk Bogart – and all those sticks, wow!

    We love looking at all your pictures of Portland, Mommy says that’s the next place we’re moving to, but I’m kinda partial to my yard here in Michigan (plus I don’t actually know what moving is).

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