Today dad has a job interview at a sake distillery and tasting room (I know, how cool is that!!), and of course he needed me to come along for, you know, moral support.  And just in case he had to test the merchandise, mama agreed to drive.  Off to the Bogiemobile!

Ok good luck dad – mama and I are off to explore the neighborhood.  Not too much to do out here, it’s pretty rural and we’re in an industrial park area.  But wait, what’s that at the end of the road?  It’s a field of baby fruit trees – I must pee on them!

The distillery building is very cool – covered in bamboo and paintings.  I stopped to check them out.

After all that excitement (mostly all that driving), I was tired.  So it was time to take a little nap on my “daybed” – which is mama and dad’s real bed.  At night I sleep on my own bed (which you can see a little of in this photo at the bottom left) but during the day I sleep here.

I move the pillows and covers around until they’re j-u-s-t r-i-g-h-t…

And then I can SLEEP.




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