OK pups, listen up!

Mama says that she’s getting a little crazy watching all of my Airedale friends all over the world add more pups to their packs.  She wants us to join in the fun!

Guess I have to get crackin’ on the baby-makin’.  And why not – I’m young, virile, AKC-registered, intact, and FAMOUS – what girl Dale wouldn’t want to do some dirty dancin’ with me?


She should be young, bearded, AKC Airedale Terrier, living with a loving and responsible breeder, and of course ready to mamba with me!  Ladies, I stand ready to diversify your local gene pool.

The fine folks at Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing want to help me in my quest.  They have given me 3 brand spanking new copies of Chicken Soup For the Soul: Loving Our Dogs to give to my readers!  This book has 101 of the best stories they’ve ever published, heartwarming and humorous stories about dogs.

I think I need a classified ad for my, ahem, services.  Yes, I’m looking for my baby-mama.  Someone who will carry my fine, handsome devil Dale babies.

So here are the 3 categories for winning yourself a copy of this great book (one winner in each category):

1.  Create my classified ad photo – take any of my photos on my blog and create (photoshop, collage, macaroni art, it’s all good) the photo that will catch the eye of my future special lady…

2.  Create my classified ad text – Witty banter just isn’t enough.  Write my personal ad for me.  I do want my future baby-mama to learn all about me, but I know that I have to do something above and beyond to stand out in the seas of black-and-tan fuzzy men out there.  Double entendres are actively encouraged, the ladies do love someone who can make them laugh.

3.  Bogart’s Choice – I’m sure there will be one entry that will stand out… maybe it’s too risque, maybe it makes me laugh but it’s a close second to another entry… but it’s still deserving of a prize.

Ok, so you’re rip roaring and ready to go.  Here is the fine print:

Entrants MUST be members of Dogs With Blogs, that is, you must be a dog with a blog to enter.  When you send in your entry, please include your URL.

You can enter as many times as you like, with either photos, classified ad copy, or both.

I will be using your photo and text to find me a girl-Dale.  Via my blog.  So you’ll see your handiwork there and by entering you agree that you’re cool with that.

All entries must be received by October 31st, 2008 and the winner will be chosen by ME on November 1st.

I will ship these ANYWHERE, so feel free to enter from any country.

I will post entries and excerpts from this great book throughout the month so you can be a part of the process.  It should get interesting

So… help out a dog, will ya?  Lets extend the Handsome Devil lineage…

Send your entries to me:  bogarthandsomedevildog@yahoo.com



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5 thoughts on “Be My Baby Mama Contest”

  1. Bogie
    What a wondewful idea..thewe can nevew be enuff Boggies fow my liking..you cleawly need to spwead those geens awound..I’ll see what I can do to help you, hehe
    smoochie kisses

  2. ooohh its a shame Mum is a total clutz with photoshop etc! this sounds like fun! Maybe I will get the beans to macaroni art one for you!! hehehe

    just one thing though.. the “mama” in question is gonna have to have one heck of a lot of baby bogarts to satisy the hundreds of requests you are gonna get for a “mini you”!!!

    can we put our name down now?? hehehe

    love and tailwags,

    Ben xxxx

  3. WOW Bogart, my ma is gonna get a crackin’ on this one.
    But, she says your mom is such a good writer, she’s not sure she can measure up! 🙂


  4. Too bad our mom hasn’t figured out how to use photoshop or any of those other programs! 🙄 She spent HOURS, just this morning, trying to make a new business card. 😯 Not exactly a whizz on the computer! We hope you find just the right baby mama. We want to see lots more little fuzzy Bogarts running around! 😉

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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