The fine folks at America’s Pet Store sent me some of their bestsellers to test out – to find out how a real Dale uses their products.  I’m in!

First dad set up the Waterproof Bench Seat Cover in the back of the Bogcedes.

It looks good, compliments the black and tan nicely, and doesn’t feel scratchy on the paws or the delicate, wiry fuzz.

I kind of like this actually.

It makes me feel like the entire back seat is mine (which is great, because I’ve always felt at home in the front seat, but sometimes I am forced to ride in the back…)

And now for the Pet Vehicle Safety Harness.  I’ve never worn one of these that’s this nice – mama tried one of these ages ago but it wasn’t padded and lets just say that I didn’t like it (rather than what actually happened – in my displeasure I destroyed it).

This one is adjustable at 4 points, helpful for a deep-chested male such as myself…

And it’s got a short leash that attaches to the seat belt.

Think you’re just going to strap me in?  HA HA HA

Ok, I’m sitting up straight like a good boy.  Looks kind of snazzy, doesn’t it?

It’s definitely comfy, a HUGE plus for me.  And it really does fit nicely…

Ah well, I guess I can’t run all around the back seat being strapped down, huh?

At least I can still look out the window…

It’s actually not that bad – I do feel pretty snug.

And if I want to jump into the car after getting all wet and muddy, I’ve got my new waterproof seat cover so dad doesn’t yell at muddy paws on the seats.  IT’S ALL GOOD



Chez Bogart

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6 thoughts on “America’s Pet Store”

  1. Bogie
    Those pwoducts look pwetty cool..well anything would wif you odeling them.
    I hope Stanley’s Giwl see these..I think they would be pawfect fow him.
    smoochie kisses

  2. Oh that stuff doesn’t look too bad – Mommy’s been looking into one of those harnesses, but I’m not convinced. Can you lay down with it on? I’d take your recommendation over hers (hee hee!). 😀

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