Working on a stick hunt… gonna go down down… working on a stick hunt… whoops! gotta look around…


Check out this advanced technique… not for beginners, but advanced stick students take note!

This also may be more breed specific – you’ve gotta have a long schnoz in order to delicately carry two sticks perfectly crossed in the center – and the Airedale scissor bite also comes into play…

I had to carry them home like this the entire way, I was so proud of my stick prowess…



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One thought on “Sunday Stickwork”

  1. Bogart-I’m very jealous of your stick holding abilities! I’m just a wee pup, so I’ll have to take note and start practicing with one!
    Thanks for adding me to your blog (well thank you secretary, since you and I lack opposable thumbs and really can’t add anything to our blogs) 🙂

    I look foward to reading about more of your adventures, Bogart!

    Shadie (and Chantel).

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