Today we went to the Festa Italiana festival in Pioneer Square… not too much going on, it was mostly about the food.  They had some dancers while we were there, but the tents where the food was being served were making me kind of goofy…

So mama had to distract me a little by showing me how to play bocce.  I could REALLY get into this game, I tell ya.  All of the balls going back and forth, I could forsee adding some of my own rules.  Things like, whoever gets to the ball fastest wins, judging the amount of slobber on each ball, and hey why not throw in some defense?

We wanted to sit down somewhere and just enjoy a beer.  Rather than fight the crowds, it was an easy decision to just head over the Hawthorne Bridge to the Lucky Labrador…

Yes my friends, these are hops.  The Lucky Lab has a few vines growing behind the brewpub and we couldn’t resist popping off a few.  No tasting for me, and mama was more interested in checking out how the macro lens works on her camera.

A few other doggies today – but mostly it was about rest and relaxation.  Nice and low-key, I don’t think I stressed out mama too much, you know, getting her back into the groove.  And she trimmed my ears today (you can’t see it too well in the photos), so I feel a little bit perkier!



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