Not much has been going on this week – mama hasn’t been feeling well so the adventure richter scale has been hanging around, well, zero.  I don’t see her nearly enough these days, and here is to hoping that this will change asap.

Same old, same old – the alarm goes off, I jump onto the bed to lick mama’s face which always puts her in a good mood and she gets out of bed, she grabs me a couple of homemade treats and feeds the kitties.  She gets dressed and I walk her to the bus stop.

Yes I get to play with dad all day long and we go for great walks.  But this is about mama.

I pick her up at the bus stop when she gets home (I just cannot trust anyone else to do this job).  I must be sure that she’s safe and doesn’t walk home alone – Airedale Security is on the case!

Then it’s time for a little mother-son ball tossing in the yard, and maybe if she’s home early enough a walk in the forest.  But I want MORE – and not just on the weekends either.

See what you can do about that, will ya mom?



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3 thoughts on “Out of Sorts”

  1. Hi Bogart! We hope your mama’s feeling better today! Your’re right…Dads are fun, but there’s just something about spending time with your mom! When our’s goes to the mailbox, we act like she’s been gone a month when she comes back in. We even have to go in the bathroom with her and that is a little cramped…Mom AND 3 ‘dales. For some reason, we let Dad go by himself. See…just something about spending time with Mom!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches 😀

  2. Bogie
    I wish bof my pawents wowked fwom home so we could play all day..I miss Daddi when he goes to wowk..we need to win the lottewy, hehehe

    I hope youw mom feels lots bettew soon
    healing smoochie kisses

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