Despite the triple digit heat today, I was bored.  I know, this is becoming a regular feature here on my blog, but hey, I’m an Airedale and I need LOTS of mental and physical stimulation.  Mama and dad knew this before they got me, so there is no excuse.

So we loaded into the Bogie-mobile and investigated the Hawthorne Street Fair.  Lots of sidewalk sales, some cool vendors, and much AIREDMIRATION

I get to meet all the hot babes… it’s my ANIMAL MAGNETISM

Hm.  Now which way… Lets see what’s on the menu…

Actually I think some shade and a little bite to eat might be just what I’m hankering for… and since there is absolutely nowhere to sit anywhere on Hawthorne right now, lets head over to Panera – I know I can have a little mama mozzarella there… oh and thanks for remembering that I’m mighty thirsty!

Mama, I know you didn’t feel like going out today but I’ve gotta say a big, slobbery thanks for making sure I’m not completely bored.



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