Mama and dad HAD to make up to me for not taking me along to Flugtag yesterday.  I only see mama two days a week for the whole day, and when she chooses to spend one of those whole days somewhere else, well, I’m not a happy boy.  We had thought about going to the Bones & Brews festival, but then dad didn’t want to go, then he did, so since I want to go pretty much anywhere we all piled into the Bogie-mobile for a ride into the Pearl.

How can you not love an outdoor rib barbecue that’s won this many awards, I ask you?  The smell was making me NUTSO…

The Bones & Brews festival was a benefit for the Oregon Zoo so we were happy to make our little donation and enjoy some fine outdoor doggie time.  LOTS of other pups there today, the butt sniffin’ was GOOD!

Grrr.  More barbecue and meaty-sandwich goodness.  It’s really torture to not bust out of my collar and run over for some self serve.

This Border Collie was giving it the old college try – standing up on two legs to get some freebies.  Nice work!

It actually got kind of warm outside today after a gloomy start.  Notice the tongue hanging out.  That means that I’m THIRSTY mama…

I’ve heard they have some stuff for doggies to drink, lets go find it!

Hm.  Not here.  That’s where the humans go to sit while they eat (they are AWFULLY primitive, aren’t they?)

So I stopped to ask this guy – a cool Bulldog – he seemed like he might know where the doggie beer station was.

He pointed me in the right direction and off we went.

Here it is – Barley Brew for dogs – guess I have to sample it…

Yup I’m thirsty, but nope I’m not interested in the Barley Brews.  They had chicken and beef flavors but I wasn’t biting.  Great idea, tho!

Back to my one man greeting team…

This guy was a cutie pie – but when I went in for a good sniff he smelled CLEAN.  Oh no, tell me they don’t have…

A DOG WASH!  Noooooooooooooooooooooo

I tried to organize a “jail break”, this little frenchie was willing to follow my lead and make a break for it before they broke out the suds.


Here’s what I think of your stinkin’ dog wash…

Another cutie pie – made me think of Miss Lorenza – I don’t see many Dachshunds!

Whew – guess I’m far enough away from that nasty dog wash to be safe.

Look at the size of that dog!!!  And there wasn’t just one, there was also a black Great Dane they are HUGE!!!

So Bones & Brews… not too shabby!



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3 thoughts on “Bones and Brews”

  1. Bogie, we love your “thats what I think of your stinkin Dog Wash” photo.

    We are right there with you on that feeling buddy!

    Looks like it was a great day out though – you lucky Dale!

    Miss Ellie and Bazzy

  2. Good job on telling them what you thought of the Dog Wash!

    U turn your nose to beer?! Boy, I would have been a very happy dog if I was there. It goes sooooo well with with the BBQ meat!!! yummmmm….

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