Walking around my forest this morning, I saw something beckoning me into the brush.  Something irresistible.  Something that smelled soooooo good.  Something like…


This is now my new favorite ball.  It’s tougher than a tenny, plastic but mushy, and small enough to carry with me easily everywhere I need to go.  I’m pretty darned happy with it.

See?  It’s nothing like my current balls, and holds the slobber nicely.

So mama, don’t even THINK of taking this away from me, ok?

Because… it’s…


Except when you’re bringing out my dinner.  Then it’s fine – you can play with it all you want – just make sure it’s where I left it when you’re done.



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2 thoughts on “My New Ball”

  1. Hey Bogart, that is one cool looking ball you got there.
    Bazzy chewed up a cricket ball today. Mum says he will be pooping chewed up bits of rubber for days – yukky.

    Have fun matey 😀

    Miss Ellie 🙂

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