Who me?   Digging a hole?  In the backyard?  Nah, must have been someone else.  Maybe some other Airedale snuck in overnight and dug this fine, fine hole.

See?  I’m investigating.  Smells like Airedale indeed, but it wasn’t me… that is a darned mighty fine hole.  Kind of perfect size, just deep enough, nice and long, easy to get some good sniffin’ going.   OH ALL RIGHT, it was me if you must know.  A hole that perfect?  MUST HAVE BEEN ME.

While I’m here I think I’ll indulge in a little grass therapy.  My tummy has been fine but today I was pooping like crazy – dad says that’s a good thing as I haven’t pooped that much recently – so maybe I need some greens in my diet.

Gotta find the best stuff – none of those nasty weeds you seem to be letting grow like, well, weeds dad…

I tried some of the kohlrabi but it was a little bitter for my taste.  I think I’ll stick with good old regular grass…

Sometimes the tall ones are tastier – or maybe it’s just that they’re easier to grab with these scissor teeth of mine…

A little self-medicating makes me a happy dog.

Back into the medicine cabinet…



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4 thoughts on “Self Medicating”

  1. Bogart
    That was an exceptionally gweat hole..so it must have been you, hehehe
    Gweens awe supposed to be good fow you, but evewytime I eat gwass, ow the leaves fwom Mommi’s potted twee, I thwow up..I hope you don’t
    love and smoochie kisses

  2. What a great hole! You need a bunch of little holes to go with it. I’ll come and give you a hand or paw.

    Simba x

  3. what a very fine hole Bogart. I wouldn’t have been able to resist taking credit either.

    My yard has a leafy weed similar to the plant in your second to last pic and it is in my pee spot. Everyday I walk over there, see it again and suddenly jump about a foot. You must be very brave to tackle those weeds on your own.

  4. Great digging Bogart, that is a mighty fine hole you got yourself. You do us Airedale’s proud!
    Be choosy about the grass you eat, only go for the good stuff.

    Miss Ellie and Bazzy

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