So today I got to go out for a really full day of fun – complete with LOTS of photos – and when we got home, mama was so excited she wanted to get working on my blog right away… and when she put the memory card into the reader all she got was a whole lotta NOTHIN’.

Zip.  Zero.  Nada.

Very odd indeed – there is no reason for the card to fail, and when she tried to take a photo here at home it seemed to work just fine.  But all of the photos we took today show up as ZERO.  Ah well.  A shame, but what can I do – the limitations of the humans’ photographic equipment knows no bounds.

We explored the Division Street neighborhood today, sniffing around lots of little cafes, and taking a really nice long walk through the neighborhood.  Lots of beautiful houses and pretty gardens.  We walked all the way over to Hawthorne and then back, stopped at Petite Provence for a little afternoon snackie, and then went over to the Woodstock neighborhood to visit Otto’s Sausage.  Dad sidled up to the outdoor sausage makers and got one for us to share – mmmmmmmmmmm.  It’s a place we’ll definitely be visiting again, hopefully mom and I will be able to recreate the golden moments that are missing from today’s post.

Tonight dad is making my dinner stew for the week – and he’s laughing.  Usually I get a mixture of beef hearts, liver, and other gut-ty goodness but this week there was an incredible sale on LONDON BROIL so guess what kind of stew I’m getting this week?  OH YEAH, it’s all about the London Broil baby.  Mama has already noticed how it isn’t as stinky in the house as usual when dad is cooking my stew, and I’ve been helping dad by sampling the stew as it goes along.

The London Broil so far seems up to my standards.



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One thought on “The Evil Memory Card”

  1. Bogart
    I miss youw pictoowes EVIL CAWD!!!!!!!
    I’m so glad you’we getting such lovely tweats to awe cewtainly wowth london bwoil at least!
    Youw new life sounds pwetty wondewful
    smoochie kisses

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