Just checking out my neighborhood… it’s a beautiful day in the neigh-bor-hood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, will you be mine…

I’ve been keeping up on the progress of the blackberry and raspberry bushes around my main walkie spot lately.  They’ve started sprouting, and the raspberries are getting red…

In a little bit closer just to check on ’em – dad says we’ll be making marmelade soon, one of these days we’ll head over with our little red pic-a-nic basket and collect a bunch of them so dad can work his magic and make them yummy for breakfast and ice cream coverings…

Blackberries and raspberries… and the bushes and brambles are BRILLIANT!

Look at all of that berry potential.  It’s BERRY, BERRY GOOD…



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2 thoughts on “Berry Good”

  1. Bogart
    I loooove bewwies
    you awe so lucky to be able to pick youw own..those awe the best kind.
    You look especially handsome in those pictoowes
    smoochie kisses

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