Pets in the Pearl is today… COME ON DAD, I SMELL DOGS!!!

Pets in the Pearl is pretty cool – lots of vendors and lots of dogs!

Nice people from local Humane Society’s (these folks are from the Columbia Humane Society and they were really nice!)…

Stores that sell stuff to spoil us canines… (and I wholeheartedly agree with their motto)

There is so much stuff here, I got a little confused!

And of course, the fine folks who clean carpets!  They’re a lifesaver!!!

This is the first Saint Bernard butt I’ve ever sniffed.  He’s a pretty big boy…

The swag has begun – our bags are slowly getting filled.  My cute mug helps a lot when people see me come up to their table… and my butt isn’t bad either…

I was heading over to the Petco booth when I scared the daylights out of this little lab puppy just by saying hi.  He was a real scaredy-cat.  And Petco wanted money for booty, so we moved on.


I’m not having any of that, thank you very much.

This is odd… a little bit of pseudo grass for inside for dogs to poop and pee on.  I guess I can see what it would be good for, makes me even happier for my backyard!

I just love these festivals – doggie smells everywhere!

Then on the way home we stopped at the German American Fair.

We weren’t sure at first if it was dog friendly, but it was indeed…

We were looking for the brass music and bratwurst but there wasn’t any!  Really nice people tho, we met some really cool people (including a lovely woman who has an Airedale named Gus at home!) and did manage to have a yummy onion cake.

No onion cake for me, eh?  Ah well.

And then I met this cutie.  Her name is Zita, doesn’t she have the coolest eyebrows?

I liked her a LOT.  We did some good sniffin’ and a little playin’ and then it was time to head home for some fine sleepin’ out in the backyard.  A full day, LOTS of great swag, and I got to sniff girl butts.  WOO-HOO!



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5 thoughts on “Fairs, Fairs Everywhere!”

  1. Bogart
    You suwe have the best life..those faiws awe pawsome..I’m so glad you’we having such gweat adventoowes in youw new city
    smoochie kisses

  2. is that the columbia county humane society people you got to meet with? They are nice. When we were home in Oregon visiting the family. Mom helped grammie help out the humane society with a garage sale they had to raise money.

  3. What a great day, Bogie! The really BIG dog was cute, but kind of funny looking! Did he let you smell his butt? You probably woulda had to stand on your hind legs!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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