Lookie lookie here… a PACKAGE FOR ME

Yesss!  The nice folks over at Fresh Pet sent me some of their newest treats to try… these are, like their Deli Fresh rolls of dog food, meant to be refrigerated.  They’re called The Loved Dog, and I got some beef and some chicken to try out!

First the sniff… I’d like to try the beef first please…

The last thing a beef treat sees…

That was good… now how about some of that chicken?

Lets start out being delicate…

Oh the heck with that, GIMME THAT TREAT

As always, in return for free booty I promise my true, unadulterated review.  These were FANTASTIC!  Mama was surprised – she says that the soft treats aren’t usually my faves, and she wasn’t sure if I was going to like theses – but wow are these tasty.  Both the beef and the chicken.  I assume you can get these in the same places that the Fresh Pet rolls of food are sold (I’ve bought them in PetCo in Los Angeles, and I just saw some at a Fred Meyer here in Portland), and based on my very scientific testing I must recommend that you cajole your humans into trying a bag.  It’s up to you whether you go for the chicken or the beef, I just couldn’t decide.

Please continue to send me goodies.  Honest review guaranteed!



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3 thoughts on “The Loved Dog”

  1. Hey Bogey, you look like you really enjoyed those treats.

    Looks like you have very nice manners too – good boy Bogey.

    love Miss Ellie and Bazzy

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