Another day, another new adventure for me here in Portland… Today we drove the Bog-cedes over to the Lewis & Clark State Recreation Site.  Dad wants to teach me how swim… and I’m not so sure.

Ok, here we go…

I’m willing to step in a few inches to get my paws wet, but that’s about it.  And that’s a LOT for me, so gimme a break dad!!!

What’s this?  Another dog in the water?  A handsome chocolate Lab and lookie what he’s doing – chasing a ball!  I could do that (the chasing the ball part, not the swimming out to get it part)…

Uh…. nope.  Not getting into the water.

I’ll just sit here with mom.  She knows how to enjoy the water – by sitting on the side, lotsa sunscreen and iced tea, and a big hat.  You go on – enjoy yourself dad – I’ll be right here watching.

Ohmydog, what’s that???  A dog on a boat??? And wearing a lifejacket???

WOW!  And it turns out her name is Lulu (just like my mama!!!)

I still don’t really wanna get wet tho…

Yeah, yeah, I know dad. I see the dog in the boat.  I see the dog with the ball.  I still don’t wanna get wet!!!  But wait, what do you have there?  A STICK…. well, why didn’t you say so?

I’ll go in… just a little… get my paws wet… for THAT STICK




Ultimately not only did I go chasing that stick, I was in that water all the way to my beard – proud of me, huh dad???

Maybe we could do this again sometime…  MAYBE…



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2 thoughts on “O”

  1. I can’t believe you wouldn’t go swimming with your Daddy. Was the water too cold?

    Simba x

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