Have you ever had a walkie on a volcano?

As of today, I HAVE…

Mt. Tabor is right in the city of Portland and yes, it is a volcano.  Not an active one, there was no lava or spewing ash (thank goodness).  It’s a beautiful park with cool trails and beautiful views and it’s close to my house – so we piled into the Bogie-mobile and off to our date with volcanic destiny!

Lots of things to see, and it’s quite the lovely day here in Portland – no rain!

I’ve heard there is a statue around here somewhere… think it’s this way?

Eh, follow me mom.  This schnoz can find ANYTHING!


(very exciting, huh?  can you tell I was bored with having to sit in front of it while mom took a picture?)




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One thought on “Bogart vs. the Volcano”

  1. You pick such great places for walkies, Bogart! Did you leave some pee-mail by that statue?

    Have a great weekend!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches 😀

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