Today we explored a little bit of the Mississippi district in North Portland…

Mmm… LOTS of new smells, I haven’t been to this neighborhood before.

Lots of cute little shops and a LOT of little restaurants with big groups of people waiting patiently outside.  And a TON of bicycles – which kind of freak me out.  Normally bicycles don’t bother me, but having so many in one place at one time (there must have been some sort of event because some streets were blocked off) made me nervous.  I can never tell when they’re going to start riding or if they’re going to stop.

Definitely a lovely afternoon, we’ll be coming back sometime soon!



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One thought on “Mississippi Mutt”

  1. It looks like you have found some really great places for walkies! It’s really nice that you don’t have to endure the heat in Los Angeles! Have a great week!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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