Now I ask you – DOES THIS LOOK LIKE AN AIREDALE?  Mom seems to think so… the humans went out for dinner because it’s dad’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!) and they brought me home THIS.

Looks funny – smells good.  What is that?  Turns out it’s some schnitzel – they went to a German restaurant and dad couldn’t finish his schnitzel.  Dad showed me the menu…

It seems like a pretty cool restaurant – not only do they have vegetarian food for mom (and schnitzel for dad!), but they have a patio where dogs are welcome and on the weekends they actually have food on the menu for pups!  How civilized!!!



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5 thoughts on “Leftovers”

  1. Bogie, have your D check out Edelweiss next door to the Berlin Inn, too. It’s an awesome little German grocery that makes (& serves at lunch) GREAT german sausages.

  2. Bogart, that aluminum Airedale kind of looks like a chicken to us! Congrats on getting some schnitzel! Happy birthday to your dad! Maybe you will get to go with them next time.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

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