One of my best buddies Robin (he’s on the left) isn’t feeling well… He’s one of Mareike’s Dales in Los Angeles. We’re not sure yet what’s wrong, and of course he’s a typical Airedale and being all stoic… But he needs our help.

I really need all of my doggie friends all around the world to turn on the Dog Zen for my pal. I don’t want him to be sick, and I don’t want Mareike to be worried!

So Mareike, since I can’t give you an Aire Kiss in person, here’s one of my favorite photos of us back at the Good Microbrew:

Kiss for Mareike

I know he’s going to be ok – Aire (and all Doggie) Zen is that powerful!



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3 thoughts on “Aire Zen Required!!!”

  1. Oh, Bogart, we are soooo sorry Robin isn’t feeling well! We are sending him lots and lots of healing Aire-zen. We know that will do the trick!

    Poppy & Penny 😥 🙁

  2. Thanks for your support guys. (Robin here lest you didn’t guess.) I’m feeling mighty chipper but my doctor wants to do more tests. He thinks I should be worrying about bone cancer or a possible heart valve infection. I worry enough. I don’t want to worry about that. I’ll let you all know how things go.

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