Airedale Yard
Big Aire lovin’ to everyone who has written to me sending good vibes for my trip and move to Portland! I made it!!!

Mom and dad are crazy. We drove here in one day from Los Angeles. That’s 15 hours in the car. Yes, it’s completely insane. But honestly, the kitties were pretty miserable in their carriers and hey, since I wasn’t the one driving, it was fine with me. Lots of walkie breaks and yummy rest stops so I wasn’t really complaining.

Bogie Yard

So these are the first – and albeit, crappy – photos of me in my new backyard. Well actually, they’re photos of me waiting outside the back door to get back inside to see what all of the fuss is about. Lots of boxes have been opened, stuff is flying around, and ohmydog is there space to run! The kitties are busily finding places to hide, and I’m busy “helping” dad assemble things.

Bogie Yard

You guys all told me how much fun a backyard is and I really couldn’t appreciate it until I had my own. I’ve got grass, a shed, some concrete, and the all-important mudhole in which to practice my digging. This is HEAVEN!

Bogie Yard

Mom thinks she’s funny teasing me with my surfer-dude stuffie. See how I feign no interest? That’s for her own good…

Bogie Yard


Bogie Yard

Ok mama, stop playin’… GIMME THAT STUFFIE

Bogie Yard

More photos to come – we still do not have internet at our house, hopefully the oh-great-bringer-of-internet will be arriving sometime today.



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5 thoughts on “Bad Internet. Down.”

  1. 15 hours in the car has got to your Mummy hasn’t it?! Hope you are settling in ok.

    Simba xx

  2. Yay!!!! finally an update with pictures and everything. Be advised Bogiemeister, that degree crosses state lines. Barking for sticks in the Portland backyard could require you return here for remedial training.
    Your place looks pretty cool!

  3. Your new house looks like a lot of fun. That was a long car ride!! I bet you took full advantage of your new yard after that!

  4. Yay, Bogie…you made it! We’re glad you got there safe and sound! You’re going to love that backyard! Now, maybe your pawrents will get you a brother or sister to play with…or…maybe not!

    Poppy & Penny

  5. Hello Bogard!!
    We’ve seen your cute face everywhere but we haven’t visited you until tonight!! We love your blog. You have so many nice photos! We’ll be back again.

    Momo & Pinot

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