All of my stuff is gone… simply gone. The apartment is almost-empty and all that’s left are litter boxes and sleeping bags. It’s so weird!

I wanted to post more of the box-filled madness, but alas, I haven’t been able to convince mom that this was paramount. Many days I couldn’t even find her for all of the mountains of boxes.

We’ll be leaving for Portland on Sunday last I hear, a long road trip. I’m kind of looking forward to it, but I think the kitties won’t be nearly as happy as I. They have to travel in carriers, and from the looks on their faces they’re already planning destruction of the Bogie-mobile.

No photos either – remember how the last excuse – er, problem – was the batteries always dying? Well you should see the latest, it’s a doozy. Now the camera is taking these weird psychedelic photos, all neon colors and weird effects. And mom can’t figure out how it happened, and from what she says she can’t fix it. So we’ll see, she’s promised to take a closer look at it once we arrive in Portland…

Big Aire Kisses to everydog, I’m gonna be a Travelin’ Man!



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