Dad is home from Portland, triumphant, keys in hand to a house with a back yard. Whoopee!

Dale Day Care

I spent much of this past week at Dale Day Care – yup, that’s Mareike’s house – hanging with my buddies. I gotta tell you, as many cool things as there are here in Los Angeles, the ONLY one I’m gonna miss is Mareike’s house. And my Dale buddies.

Dale Day Care

And even the kitties that live at the Dale house…



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3 thoughts on “The Week of Dale Day Care”

  1. Hang in there pal. Lots of times I have to go spend time with my mom and dad’s friends when they are gone. But I’m crazy about my foster family and have lots of fun and company. I know what you mean, that you’ll miss them. But hey! you’re going to have a new home and lots of new adventures and I know you’ll make lots of friends. Good luck!


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