You dogs are GOOD….

We have a house! With a big, fenced backyard! In Portland! It’s a little further out from the city center than mama originally wanted, but it’s near an area with a lot of hiking trails, it’s got a fireplace and wood burning stove to keep us toasty, oh and did I mention that I will have MY OWN BACK YARD???

Mama, dad and I send BIG AIRE KISSES to all of my doggie friends all over the world who got their Zen going so that we could find a house and a back yard. So now we’ll be moving at the end of the month… I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!



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5 thoughts on “Zen… WORKS!”

  1. Oh congrats. My mom says she wishes she was moving with you guys. You will love Oregon. I know I did when we went there to visit mom and dad’s home before we moved here.

  2. HURRAH!!

    great news, I look forward to seeing lots of photos of you strutting your stuff in your very OWN back yard 🙂

    make sure you don’t forget to pack all your toys and treats!

    love, licks and tail wags,

    Ben xxxx

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