Portland Oregon

Ohmydog, Dad is in Portland! Looking for a house for us, and a yard for me. I’m so excited!!!

Can you doggies do me a favor? I really, really want Dad to find us the perfect house and he doesn’t have a lot of time (we’re moving at the end of this month – yikes!). Would you all think positive-house-for-Bogart thoughts? Maybe with help from dogs all around the world we’ll find exactly the right one.

Paws crossed!



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6 thoughts on “Dad in Portland”

  1. Hi Bogart, just sniffed out yourt blog so thought I would say Hi.

    Sending lots of positive house-for-Bogart thoughts your way and keeping my pawz crossed that something fantastic turns up soon.

    Ben xxx

  2. I’m sending lots of good vibes to you and your dad! My parents are going to be looking for a new yard for me, too – hopefully soon.
    Paws Crossed!

  3. We’re sending lots of pawsitive house-for-Bogart Aire-zen your way! We hope you get a really nice yard too. We’re glad you are feeling better! We don’t know why, but sometimes, us ‘dales just have a pukey day. Have a pawsome weekend!

    Poppy & Penny

  4. Hello, Bogart Handsome Devil.

    I came across your blog, and, I must say, I am delighted.

    I have two Airedale friends, too: Tasha Rose and Dylan Fitzpatrick.
    You Airedales are a wonderful breed.

    Best wishes for your blogging and locating a new home.

    Colette, an Airedale lover

  5. I hope your house is very nice! My mama and the Ricky and looking for a house in Seattle. We’ll be real close to you and to the hiking! In a house! with a yard! I hope yours works out, we’ll be watching your blog to make sure a yard in PACNW is a good thing!

    Le Mops & Chewie

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