Feeling Pukey

I don’t know what it is, but this morning I’ve been feeling all puke-y. Not to be gross here, but it’s basically just fluid, and I feel kind of tired. Must have been something I ate.

Best Blogging Buddy Award

But in much happier and less pukey news, I got this lovely award from my buddies Maggie & Mitch – thanks guys! That really cheered me up today!!!! I’m gonna pass it along once I feel a little better.



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5 thoughts on “Feeling Pukey”

  1. Bogart,
    I hope you feel better. How exciting you are getting closer to your move. Mom’s and my friends in Portland are all ready to keep an eye out to see if they see you in the many dog parks they have there. Love,Neko

  2. Congrats on your award, Bogart! We hope you are feeling better really, really fast! We don’t want you to miss Asta’s Home From Wome pawty!

    Poppy & Penny 🙄 😆

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