Leaving for Portland

I just knew that something was up.

Starting yesterday I saw suitcases coming out of closets.  And clothes getting put into them.  And large bowls of cat food appearing.  The humans were up to something.

Leaving for Portland

And indeed I was right.  This morning they dropped me off at Mareike’s house with the 3 Dales and then LEFT.  I’ve since heard that they flew off to Portland Oregon for a few days.  At first I was confused, but since they basically left me at Doggie Disneyland I’m sure I can forgive ’em.  And mom promised to blog for me from Portland to let me know what she’s up to so I can sit back, put my paws up, and READ my blog for a change.

Leaving for Portland

Sooooooo mama… I’m w-a-i-t-i-n-g…



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