Bogie’s Mail

I get lots of mail. And I love it. So whenever an envelope arrives with my name on it, I’m quick to get it open and get to whatever is inside. However, I wasn’t prepared for this…

See, it’s addressed to me, but once I got it open all I could think of was HUH?

Bogie’s Mail

Bogie’s Mail

Up until now I didn’t think I had a problem, and certainly not a problem with grinding my teeth at night. But hey, what do I know, maybe the fine folks at Sleep Right Select Night Guards know something that I don’t.

Bogie’s Mail

Mom says that I don’t snore so it’s probably not something that I need, and wonders at exactly how I got on their mailing list. The label is clearly addressed to Bogart Handsome Devil.

Bogie’s Mail

Excellent marketing work on someone’s part, eh?



Chez Bogart

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6 thoughts on “Teeth Grinding?”

  1. LOL Bogart. Maybe you should send the good people of Sleep Right Select Night Guards that picture of your mouth open so they can see you don’t really need one of their products, hehe!
    Thanks for those lovely Jerky by the way. 😛 They arrived the day after my birthday. They were fabulous! The Beagleboys didn’t get mine either.
    Finni xx

  2. Bogart here. I don’t know if any of you will read this but I thought I’d give it a go. You see I’m staying at Mareike’s house and since I haven’t gotten down the typing thing I asked her to help. She isn’t smart enough to break into my blog so I suggested she use the comment section. Mom and Dad have gone to Oregon for a couple days and I am staying with my very best friends. They have encouraged me to eat (a lot. ) My pals are quite the food eaters which I have not been in the past but I don’t want to hurt any feelings and I’ve learned it’s polite to eat what my host offers. I’m sure I’ll have fun here but equally sure I’ll be glad to see mom and dad when they return. I love you all. Bogart.

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