Ok this didn’t happen to me but it made me and mama giggle so hard this morning I just HAD to share…


This is Kermit.  He’s one of the 3 Airedales that belong to mom & dad’s friend Mareike (about whom I talk ALL THE TIME because it’s my FAVORITEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD… but I digress).  Today he managed to cause some fuss (well, according to the humans).

It was morning and Mareike was at home by herself, watching TV and eating trail mix.  Now my buddies the Dales are particularly good at helping themselves to snacks so Mareike has gotten very good at hiding them so they cannot be reached.  Everybody was relaxing except for Kermit who wanted some of that tasty trail mix.  Mareike placed it up high where he couldn’t reach it and he TRIED TO and, well, that’s when the fun started.

There was banging at the front door.  It was the POLICE!   Someone had called 911 and then didn’t say anything so they thought there might be an emergency!  All the operator heard was the TV and dogs barking in the background… Oh someone DID call 911 and it was Kermit!  In his quest to get to the trail mix he’d not only knocked down the phone but also pressed the red cross button to get a direct line to 911.  I have to assume that he was trying to tell the operator about his lack of access to the trail mix.  And that’s what started all of the fun…

So… doggies we should all take this as a lesson.  Never waste the time of the 911 operators when they could be doing more important things like saving lives.  Just wait until the humans leave for that “work” thing they do every day and work on ways to get to the treats that you want while they’re gone.  The police won’t help with treats, anyway.

The more you know…



Chez Bogart

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