David Remfry

Check out my new high-fashion stuffies…

 David Remfry

Mom’s friend David (that is his painting on the card!) sent me some FABULOUS new stuffies… a Pawda purse and a Vera Wag shoe!  I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to chew on these fine toys…

David Remfry

David Remfry

David Remfry

David Remfry

David Remfry

David Remfry

David Remfry

They’re actually quite small which is nice – I don’t have many small stuffies – and I’m not a big swallower.  I just gnaw, then carry them around with me.  I suddenly feel very high-class…




Chez Bogart

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7 thoughts on “Pawda and Vera Wag”

  1. Boy, Bogie, you are one high class doggie, now! Not that you weren’t before! Now you just have the toys to go along with your high class status!

    Poppy & Penny

  2. Bogart, we sure hope you maintain the breed’s reputation: if the stuffies survive more than four hours, PEOPLE WILL TALK! It looks like they’re annoyingly well-made, but remember–you’re an airedale! That’s kinda like being a superhero among stuffie-destroying dogs!

    Remember–take no prisoners!

    We’re rooting for ya!


    Buster & Sephie

  3. Bogart! 😆

    I must say you are particularly handsome in those lovely photos, I love your cool designer gear too!

    I wanted to thank you so very much for the parcel, received today, which you sent me. I will publish some photos of me opening next week on my blog!

    They are very tasty, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, I don’t get much post so I was kinda overwhelmed with your niceness. We were goin through a bad time as well, so it came just right for me! Thank you again, your friend, marvin xxxxxx 😆

  4. Dear Bogart,
    I have a complaint. What happened to my jerky you said you were sending me. I have been sitting by the mailbox every day, in the cold and snow, and no sign of any jerky.
    Did you forget to send it???

    Boo hoo.

    Axel G

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